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This is For You

Doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been through.  As a salute to your service and sacrifice we invite you to come join or family of outdoor enthusiasts.  Wether you are content with just learning the basics or want to push your boundaries, we have something for everyone.  

This is a safe place, free from judgement, and all about having an adventure and finding positivity from enjoying the natural world around us.  

We hope you’ll make the decision to register and take part in this life changing experience that will carry on for well past your time here with us.  You are not alone and there is so much joy left to be had in life.

This is for you.


Your Sport, Your Choice

If you love technical sports, handling ropes, and taking your time to solve problem solve, then rock climbing is for you.  If you love water sports, challenging the elements, and pushing yourself to adapt to rapidly changing environments, then kayaking is for you.  If you love the breeze in your face, flying at break-neck speeds, and feeling the sun and dirt on your skin, then mountain biking is for you.  And if you love the snow and cold, breathtaking views, and shredding a perfect line, then skiing or snowboarding is for you.  But whatever you choose, we welcome you to the PTSD community and adventures yet to come.

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