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Our Vision & Mission

Professional Transformation Sports Development was established to provide a positive change for veterans of the military struggling with P.T.S.D. and/or depression. PTSD will engage veterans in outdoor sports, using highly-qualified instructors and coaches to assist veterans in gaining the necessary skills to advance and progress in an outdoor sport of their interest and choosing.

The long-term goal of PTSD is to empower veterans to overcome personal struggles attained through the military and break the habits that hold them back from successfully reintegrating back into civilian life. This is accomplished by utilizing outdoor sports to form a new connection with like minded individuals who share a common passion in life.


Professional Transformation Sports Development is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization


Are you a veteran looking for a new adventure? Or maybe know a veteran who could? Learn more about what we offer and how you can sign up for one our one-of-a-kind outdoor sports programs.


Each and every one of our donors make an incredible impact on veteran lives. Whether you are a large organization or simply an individual wanting to offer your support,  we have options available  Learn how your donations make an impact.


We pride ourselves on providing a family first atmosphere. Whether you are a veteran or not, we welcome all to join un in our adventures. Learn how you can get involved and touch the lives of the veterans we serve.

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